Best Human Hair Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers in China
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Best Human Hair Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers in China

URbeauty is the best human hair wholesale factory in China.

URbeauty hair factory is located in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. Established in 2002, it is the largest wig factory in China. It is the leading of hair products supplier and manufacturer integrating research and development, production, sales, and service, which bases on innovation, advocates high quality, leads the trend, and makes high-end hair products.

Why does URbeauty have a lower wholesale price than others?

  • Modernization  Modern human hair factory and assembly lines in China
  • Advanced  Innovate  human hair production technology and reduce cost
  • Professional  More than 20 years of OEM experience in wig production
  • Convenient  human hair factories have convenient logistics in the coastal city

         Yes, we save unnecessary costs, but please rest assured, as Top hair wholesale vendors in China, we always insist on providing quality products at the most competitive price.   


Our Wholesale Products

Focus on human hair wholesale,  and hair material from healthy young girls.

High quality and favorable price wholesale synthetic wigs you can get at URbeauty

URbeauty hair factory offer the best wholesale hair toupee and hair pieces

Improve Your Wholesale Hair Business

We will give you the most competitive factory prices, to help you occupy the price advantage in many brands, and bring more profits. At the same time, using our high-quality hair raw materials to produce wig products, with excellent quality, will bring you more loyal customers.


How to start hair wholesale business?

  • Send us a message via the “Get A Quick Quote” button below
  • We’ll get back to you within 12 hours of your inquiry
  • Confirm your requirements, quote, and send samples
  • After confirming the product details, sign the contract and advance payment
  • Arrange shipment after production, pay the balance and send BL
  • Transport and take delivery of goods, end of the transaction

Our Partners

URbeauty is the best human hair wholesale vendor in china. We are the hair wholesale suppliers of more than 300 brands, with an average annual output of 3.6 million hair weaving, 600,000 pieces of hairpieces, and 500,000 sets of mannequin heads.

We serve many hair stores and provide a wide style of wholesale hair products

Our human hair wig products are used in many salons in all corners of the world

Many famous human hair online stores are selling our wig products

Our practice head/training head products are widely used in teaching activities in salons or schools

We provide customized wigs to many hospitals and patients such as cancer treatment, medications, or something else special needs

We insisted on providing free custom wigs to women undergoing chemotherapy to help them regain confidence and beauty

URbeauty is the best wholesale virgin hair factory in china. We are hair manufacturers with 20+ years of experience in hair wholesale supply

URbeauty wig factory has advanced equipment, a standard production process, and quality control


Professional Hair Wholesale Vendors in China
  • 2002
  • $50million
  • 100+
  • 50+
  • 100000+
  • Establish
  • Annual output value
  • Export Country
  • Cooperation brands
  • Users



Is there a minimum quantity requirement?

  • You can contact us to confirm the MOQ. The more you buy, the more discounts you get.

How long will it take to make delivery?

  • The shipping time depends on the type of product you have and the number of orders, with all custom products taking longer to ship and stock products taking faster
FAQ-URbeauty hair wholesale vendors

Best Wholesale Hair Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Strict production process and sampling inspection to ensure quality

Authoritative wig product certification

Our team of hairdressing experts is ready to help you by phone, text or email.

Hair Wholesale Cooperation Brands

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