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The Best Wholesale Braiding Hair Vendors in China

URbeauty is a hair supplier and manufacturer that provides all its customers with the best wholesale braiding hairs. Our technical staff and professional employees work their best to keep the standard set for our quality. If you need a wholesale braiding hair partner for your business, then URbeauty is the best choice for you.


What is Braiding Hairs?

Braiding hair is simply a cue of the hairstyle that people like to wear. It is a part of the fashion trend that elevates the style. We are the perfect fit if you are looking for wholesale braiding hair vendors. We have various braiding hairs you can buy for your business and sell further, following the customer’s demand.

Wholesale Braiding Hair Products

URbeauty is braiding hair one of the best wholesalers. We focus on manufacturing high-quality braiding hair.

As one of the representative companies in the wig industry, we have 20 years of experience in providing better service to our customers.

URbeauty has a large factory of its own. Our factory has a high reputation for quality and service.

URbeauty works with a variety of clients, including salons, stylists, and distributors, offering wholesale braiding prices.

We hope for global customers with the best braiding hair. We hope to leave you with a deep memory of our high-quality products.

We have a strong customer service team, and each of us has received comprehensive product knowledge training and experience.

Why Choose Us

Meet All Customization

Any wig can be customized to suit your needs.

Attractive Wholesale Price

Manufacturers supply directly to avoid price difference.

Highly Trained Worker

More than 300 experienced and well-trained senior workers.

Professional Service Team

For you to provide 24/7 multi-language instant service.

Top Quality Wholesale Braiding Hair Vendors

URbeauty is a whole braiding hair manufacturer in china that is known to provide quality. We have all professional experts who create the best braiding hairs for many different hairs and styles. We assure you of quality, and you won’t regret anything buying from us.

Wholesale Braiding Hair Manufacturer
Active Customer Service

Active Customer Service

As mentioned priory, we have a highly professional team working for braiding hair and all other products. Alongside this, we have top-notch, super active customer support. So whoever comes to us and buys wholesale braiding hair and needs further help, we are available here during our working hours. We love to please our customers.

Strong Productivity

URbeauty can also assure you about their strong services. We are here to please our customers, so in this regard, we make sure you do not have to wait much longer for your order. After your big wholesale order for braiding hair, our team works smart and fast to deliver that to you on time.

Strong Productivity

Reliable Wholesale Braiding Hair Supplier


URbeauty is based in China, and all its products are manufactured in its factories located in Guangdong, Henan and Shandong provinces. We make sure to provide you with the best quality product, and following this, we give the best price wholesale and give directly to the seller. This eliminates the hassle of middleman, and you have control of all costs. It also assures you that you can further provide quality to other customers.

Our Services

Best Price

We are grateful to mention that, as an industry-leading hair supplier and manufacturer, we still help our customers get the highest profits possible. We sell high-quality wholesale hair braiding, so customers won’t hesitate to pay—this way, our customers profit from it.


Each of our braiding hair set is customizable. This way, no one has to suffer. All customers can easily customize it according to their needs and wants. As mentioned, we make high-quality braiding hair and satisfy our customers in all possible ways.

Other Wholesale Products

Wholesale Synthetic Hair
Wholesale Synthetic Hair

With the research of synthetic wigs, we are recognized by users with high quality and reasonable prices.

Wholesale Human Hair
Wholesale Human Hair

URbeauty offers cheap, high-quality real hair that is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use.

Wholesale Lace Frontal Wigs
Wholesale Lace Frontal Wigs

We are a custom closure wig human hair wholesaler from China, providing the wholesale of lace and other goods for customers all over the world.

Wholesale Braiding Hair Vendors

If you want to order a wholesale assortment of braiding hair, please contact us via Whats App. To explore the hair color, length, and quantity you need.

  • ​”We have been working with URbeauty for many years. Their factory is very satisfactory in terms of hair quality and delivery time. They are trustworthy business partners.”

  • “​After working with Urbeauty, I took the opportunity to grow from a small wig shop to a decent salon, which I am very grateful for.”

  • “​I never worry about quality, either in terms of custom requirements or inventory. URbeauty is also doing well in the aftermarket.”

    Lizzie Jaaka

Wholesale Braiding Hair Vendors and Suppliers

URbeauty is well experienced in this field of manufacturing braiding hair and other products. They are working in China and selling their products in many different places. Their experience in the field shows how reliable they are. So if you are looking for a braiding hair wholesale vendor, look no further than URbeauty.

· Variety of Braiding Hair

The best thing about the company is that it has various braiding hair that you can buy wholesale. This will help you easily sell further by following your customers’ personalized choices.

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