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The Best China Cosplay Wigs Factory

URbeauty is one of the best hair suppliers in China.

They have a vast variety of hair products that are all created with the best quality for the satisfaction of their customers.

Here you can get the highest quality cosplay wigs wholesale.

URbeauty’s staff is well versed in the field, so they end up giving you the best cosplay wigs for your business to run the best.

Custom Cosplay Wigs

Cosplay wigs are important for cosplaying as it helps the player be the character they intended. Nowadays, due to the rise in anime, people like doing cosplays with proper costumes and cosplay wigs. Following this, we are an ideal choice for you to come and get your custom cosplay wigs wholesale in various styles. Having variety will make customers come to you, so we help your brand get in demand.

Wholesale Cosplay Wigs By Color

URbeauty is a top wig company in China, with a strong team to provide wholesale for your cosplay hair.

We can quickly process the customer’s order, and provide you with the most optimal delivery scheme.

We have many styles, colors, and lengths for you to choose from. Don’t worry about finding the product you want.

URbeauty has partners all over the world, and we help their business by providing the wigs that are currently selling.

URbeauty had its own wigs factory, specializing in human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, cosplay wigs and other businesses.

With high quality, excellent service and favorable price, we have been recognized by wig markets in at least 30 countries.

What We Offer

Costume Sale

You can get great discounts on anything you buy.

Shipping Policy

We’ll have your order processed within three days.

Customer Service

Our customer service team is always at your disposal.

Enough Inventory

We produce millions of wigs a year and have enough in stock.

Factory Price for Cosplay Wigs

Here at URbeauty, you get the best price package for your custom cosplay wig wholesale. We provide you with the best quality cosplay wig that won’t break your band. So this is a great deal for your cosplay business because our wigs are high quality at low prices.


Boost Confidence

Yes, URbeauty’s cosplay wigs are the potential to boost customers’ confidence. It is because of the quality and variety we provide. We enable you to have a good variety of cosplay wigs that you can showcase and attract as many buyers as possible.

We Are Certified

Our wholesale china cosplay wigs are certified on national and international levels. We proudly mention that we sell the best quality cosplay wig wholesale. Also, super active customer service is always active for your inquiry.


Professional Team


URbeauty is proud to mention that we are a team of all professional and highly skilled experts. Our professional team is the reason we are this successful in the field. Also, our team is always ready to support the customers, so you can reach us whenever you want. You will be satisfied with the service you get.

Best Reviewed Cosplay Wigs

URbeauty supplies its cosplay wigs to many different worldwide wig brands. The best part is that most of those brand review us the best. So you buying from a china cosplay wigs factory won’t make you regret it. We are loyal to our customers and never use low-quality material to make anything.

Improve Your Business

URbeauty gives you the best way to improve your cosplay wig business by buying cosplay wigs wholesale from us. We have high-quality wigs in mixed styles that can attract potential customers and improve your brand in the market. The best part is our wholesale prices are reasonable, so you don’t need to break your bank.

More Cosplay Hair Types Wholesale

Wholesale Cosplay Lace Wigs

You can customize the high-temperature lace front wig you want at URbeauty and offer it to you at a discounted wholesale price.

Wholesale Game Cosplay Wigs

Buy quality Game Cosplay Wigs at affordable prices. You’ll have a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Wholesale ANIME Cosplay Wigs

Wigs can be designed in different styles and colors based on your favorite character, so that we can design Cospaly Wigs in the length, color, and style you want.

Benefits of Our Cosplay Wigs Wholesale

When it comes to cosplay, a good wig is essential. A good wig will help you look the part and feel confident while wearing your costume. Not only that, but a well-made wig will last longer than most costumes – making it an affordable investment for years to come.

The Factory To Show

  • “I hope to cooperate with you and become our direct transportation and docking supplier.”

    Terri Starks
  • “I have to say, this is the verified supplier of Cosplay wigs I’ve been looking for.”

    Kira Benet
  • “Easy to order, professional-grade, direct sourced, and experienced, I can only say that about URbeauty.”

    Sairaya Griffin

Best Custom Cosplay Wigs Wholesale Supplier

Urbeauty is a Chinese wholesale company that manufactures cosplay wigs and many different hair products for wholesale. They have been working in this field for the past 20 years, making them experts. Following this, if you choose them for your cosplay wigs business, it would benefit you too.


The company allows you to give custom orders, so this way, you get whatever kind of cosplay wigs you want. We offer you a mixed style of cosplay wigs that you can still customize in any possible way.

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