Best Wholesale Crochet Hair Suppliers and Distributors

Best Wholesale Crochet Hair Suppliers and Distributors

URbeauty is the leading wholesale crochet hair supplier and distributor in China. We deal in bulk orders. If you are a business that sells wigs, we got you covered! Simply request our latest prices of wholesale crochet hair and place your order today. Everything will be tailored to your order specifications.

Why Buy Wholesale Crochet Hair from Us?

URbeauty has been in wholesale business for more than 20 years. We provide wholesale crochet hair at very competitive price and the quality of the crochet hair is supreme. If you are in wig business or are looking to start it, URbeauty is perfect place to get your bulk order.

Our highlighting features are:

  • Supreme Quality
  • Better price
  • Everything customized according to your needs
  • Quick delivery

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Jimei District,Xiamen City, China

The Best Wholesale Crochet Hair Manufacturers & Distributors

Having been for more than 20 years in wholesale business, we know the market and we maintain the best quality standards. Our wholesale crochet hair has high sellout ratio. It will take your wig business to another level. Have any question? Ask now!


Competitive Wholesale Crochet Hair Price

Our prices of wholesale crochet hair are very low as compared to our competitors. Despite low prices the quality is not compromised at all. Because we have our own processing units and whole system, we can save bucks on manufacturing and offer the benefit to our wig business customers. Inquire latest price today!

Premium Quality Wholesale Crochet Hair

We ensure supreme quality. We have our own plants and processing units. A complete inspection is done during the whole manufacturing procedure till distribution. Our wholesale hair in its prime form is distributed among our customers.


Everything Customized According to Your Needs


Textures: Straight, wavy, curly, blonde, burgundy, spiral, dark, light crochet hair

Length: Small, Medium, Long lengths available

Product Name: Crochet Hair

We care for our customers specific requirements and provide supply wholesale crochet hair according to your specific requirements.

Industry Leading Team of Creatives

We are in the wholesale business for over 20 years now. We have a team of dedicated and creative professionals. All looking to create industry standard products. That is why we are leading the wholesale hair business and have loyal wig business customers. Their satisfaction and success are our testimonials.

We Care for Our Customers and Their Needs

Our customers are our top priority. We understand their business and provide them with top-of-the-line wholesale crochet hair at very competitive price while maintaining quality standards. Our customer support team is always there to help you in your orders and difficulties. You can reach out to us anytime, anywhere.

Other Wholesale Products

Wholesale Human Hair Wigs

URbeauty is a one-stop shop for all your wholesale wig needs. The human wig is the shining star of our company.

Wholesale Cosplay Wigs

We had a full range of Cosplay wigs, and we had Cosplay wigs in all colors, textures, and styles. I look forward to working with you.

Wholesale Lace Frontal Wigs

There were many reasons for choosing URbeauty’s Lace Frontal Wigs wholesale. Such as low price, rich experience, good quality and so on.

Best Crochet Hair Wholesale Suppliers and Distributors

URbeauty has all the best crocheted hair in the wig business. Choose our selected crochet hairstyles for the better development of your business.

Lace Wigs Details

  • “It’s the perfect wig company.”

  • “URbeauty is amazing! The quality of the hair is good, the color is perfect, and the length is perfect. This is by far my favorite person to work with.”

  • “The logistics are very timely, the service is very friendly and the product specifications are perfect and impeccable.”


Best Crochet Hair Wholesale Suppliers and Distributors

Get your business running like never before with our wholesale crochet hair wigs.

Overview of our Services:

Quality that serves as a standard for the market

Our high-quality crochet hair is tried and tested and set the benchmark for others.

We cater your custom needs

We provide bulk orders to our wig business customers based on their needs, so you get what you pay for.

Our Crochet Hair is unique

We make sure that there is no mixing, or any synthetic procedure involved while preparing crochet hair. So, you will get pure, unique and clean crochet hair without any mixing.

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