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URbeauty hair factory has a skilled professional team. With rich experience, we are in a leading position in hair film technology and trends.

  • Advanced quality control management system to ensure product quality
  • Customer service is online all day, and product quality problems can be returned and replaced
  • Spot wholesale, processing customization, factory direct sales, international distribution
  • Bulk order shipment generally takes 1-2 months (7 days for sample proofing)

Your Best Wholesale Hair Pieces Vendors and Manufacturers

As a domestic wholesale hair pieces manufacturers, we have professional designers and skilled workers.

Exquisite and practical hairdressing products and preferential prices have attracted many long-term customers.

With many years of experience in foreign trade and export, it has been exported to more than 10 countries in North America, Western Europe, Asia, and Africa, and many large domestic cities.

Wholesale Hair Pieces Products

Our wholesale hair piece factory provides various styles of different wig products to meet your wig business needs.

Our wholesale hair clips products include men’s hair clips, women’s hair clips, ponytails, wedding clips and more.

If you need to expand your hair piece business, we provide professional wig business consulting services.

Our wholesale hair piece products have the best quality and the best engineering price. If you are finding the reliable wholesale hair vendors ,Please contact us!

As the largest wholesale and wholesale supplier in China, our raw material hair is made of real girl hair without chemical ingredients.

We have established a super strong service team to provide business consultation, price feedback, order tracking and after-sales service.

Different Classifications of Wholesale Hair Pieces

Advantages Of Wholesale Hair Pieces Business

Trade capacity
Trade Capacity
R & D capability
R & D Capability
Product capability
Quality Control
Quality Control
Product Capability

Wholesale Hair Pieces Production

Since its establishment, URbeauty has always adhered to the purpose of “integrity as the foundation and quality as the core”, introduced a more advanced management mode, production equipment, and manufacturing technology, continuously improved the quality of products and services, and achieved the stable development of the enterprise.

Strict Quality Control
High Quality

High Quality

Our raw hair is selected from natural girl hair without perm and dyeing. After removing any chemically treated raw hair, the upgraded production process and strict process quality control make the finished wig more natural.

Direct Factory Price for Wholesale Hair Pieces

You can find all types of wigs and offers at URbeauty. There are many incredible prices for wigs, but in terms of quality, these wigs are not cheap. You don’t have to worry, because URbeauty provides you with protection!

URbeauty Hair Pieces Discount
Authoritative certification

Authoritative Certification

Our wholesale hair pieces have passed a number of national and international certifications in China and have been exported to more than 100 countries, and many certifications are being applied for.

Fast Delivery

Our hair wholesale factory is located in the developed coastal areas of China, taking advantage of technology to greatly shorten the production time, enabling fast shipping and delivery.

Fast delivery
URbeauty Hair Pieces After Sales

Professional After Sales Service

Professional team, high-quality service, sincere smile, URbeauty after-sales, let you rest assured that shopping, without worry.

Wholesale Hair Pieces Manufacturers

More Types Of Products Besides Wholesale Hair Pieces

Human Hair Wigs
Wholesale Human Hair Wigs

URbeauty provides high-quality human hair wigs, lace wigs, indigenous hair wigs, and more. They are all 100% human hair wigs for sale. Check out our real hair wigs for the best real hair products at affordable prices.

Hair Extensions
Wholesale Hair Extensions

Purchase wholesale hair extensions from URbeauty for a fraction of the normal price while still providing your customers with the extensions they deserve. Utilizing our industry-leading products is one of the fastest and simplest ways to promote salon growth.

Wholesale Mannequin Head

URbeauty is a human hair training mannequin head manufacturer, which has been providing products for places such as beauty salons, schools, and institutes.

  • “The attitude is great, the quality is great, and it’s been a pleasure working with URbeauty as always “

    Sharhonda Burton
  • “The quality is good, the customer service reply is timely, the efficiency is extremely fast, and the delivery is also very fast. Made in China, and the speed in China is now good and fast. Come on together”

    Danielle Briggs
  • “This is another collaboration with URbeauty, and it has to be said that he can always put your mind at ease”


About URbeauty’s Core Values

URbeauty desires to provide all people with the confidence to feel pretty in their hearts. This confidence makes people more satisfied and makes their dreams come true. We believe we are wise and desire to make this change satisfying.

So we are committed to providing our customers with a broad variety of high-quality products that are professionally fabricated to enhance their confidence and make them look better. We strive to grow with our customers, because when they become confident trendsetters and fearless leaders, we will succeed together.

Can you reproduce the product I want based on the sample I provided?

Yes, we can reproduce the product you want according to your customer’s request. Please send samples to the address below. Once we receive your package, we will confirm the details with you

Name: URbeautywigs

Address: Room 2603, No. 466, Xinlinwan Road, Jimei district, Xiamen

Postcode: 361000

Tel: +86-18059210576

Do your products need to be customized?

Most of our products are made to order, unless you need a product in stock.

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