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Wholesale Human Braiding Hair

We are China’s best human hair wholesale suppliers to pile up your human braiding hair stock. The wholesale bulk braiding human hair types you can buy from us include Loose wave human hair for braiding, Brazilian human hair extensions for braiding, cuticle aligned hair, hair for micro braiding, deep wave, straight human bulk hair for braiding, and curly and no weft Afro Kinky bulk human hair. They are all 100% virgin Remy and Non-Remy human hair.

Why Choose Our Bulk Human Hair Braiding Wholesale Products?

No more spending hours and hours searching for the best ever human hair braiding wholesale products supplier to start your human hair braids business. We are your one-stop shop for you to buy human hair braiding products in bulk.

Remy and Non-Remy hair

100% virgin hair with a natural glow

Affordable prices

Lightning fast delivery at your doorstep

How to Contact Us

Global Delivery

No matter where you are, we can be partners.

Sales Promotion

We can offer a discount of up to 70%.


Our prices are competitive anywhere.


The packaging is exquisite and complete.

We Provide Good Human Braiding Hair for Businesses Like Yours

We have been supplying bulk human braiding hair for 20+ years to businesses and have never disappointed our buyers. Be it the quality of our products or the weight of our supplied human hair.


Buy Human Hair for Your Buyers in Bulk at a Fraction of Price

Businesses that provide hair products, like human braiding hair, help their buyers achieve the perfect hair look at the best prices. We provide them with human hair braid products at a reasonable price that their buyers can easily afford and quality so fab that they can flex their hairdos.

Superior Quality Human Hair Shipped All Across the Globe

We are not your ordinary human hair supplier who promises quality products but delivers a bundle of tangled hairy locks that don’t attract buyers and products that always turn your buyers off. Our human hair products are luscious, soft, and of top quality that never disappoint your buyers and keeps them coming.


Thorough Inspection of the Human Hair – From Collection to Producing the Braids


We are keeping our supremacy unparalleled by taking control of the overall process from hair collection to the end product — until it takes the final shape of the braid that is ready to be sold. We handle qualifying the hair to use in the braids, inspecting, cleaning, and identifying the defects, if it has any, to deliver the final products to the businesses.


The Best Human Hair Braids Provider in China

From weft human hair braids to Remy or Non-Remy hair braid extensions, we cover all-natural human hair braids needed for bulk buying businesses. We have various human hair types, textures, and styles to meet the needs of the substantial human hair demanding market.

Human Hair and Humans Selling Human Hair are the Heart of Our Business

We understand that you put your customers before anything else. Similarly, your business and buyer retention rate is essential for us. Hence, we never sacrifice the quality of our human hair products so that we can keep humans (you) with who we are in touch so that they satisfy the humans (your buyers) who they deal with.

(We make a Wonderful duo, no?)

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Best Human braiding Hair Wholesale Suppliers and Distributors

Our products are recognized by many customers because of good quality and low price, and we have rich design choices and perfect service system.

Human Braiding Hair Details

  • “My order arrived on time, it was soft and I liked it very much.”

  • “The color is exactly the same as the color card they provided. I am very satisfied with it.”

  • “I buy 50 pieces of braiding hair, results are all real hair, value for money.”


Wholesale Human Braiding Hair Suppliers

Our 20+ years of hair braiding experience makes us the best wholesale suppliers of human hair in China for stocking up your hair braiding stock.

Top-Notch Quality with No Processing

As a human hair braid vendor, we offer matchless quality that you’ll find at no other bulk human hair supplying spot that delights your buyers.

We Stay with You at Every Step

When you source human braiding hair from us, we stay with you at each step of your sourcing, from selecting your products to setting the MOQs until we deliver your order. You’ll find us with you.

Why Are Our Human Hair Braids Different from Any Other Similar Product You’ll Get from Other Vendors?

We don’t buy human hair from other suppliers. Instead, we source it under strict guidelines and transform it into the final product under our supervision. Hence, we only deliver high-quality products.

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