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URbeauty — One of the Best Wholesale Lace Wigs Vendors

Are you looking for a lace wig for your business? We are URbeauty, the leading manufacturer of lace wigs. URbeauty offers a wide range of styles from synthetic, human hair and Remy hair lace wigs. You can select any wig style that suits your needs! Our high-quality products are suitable for professional use or casual wear at home. We also offer custom-made lace wigs with specific requirements such as color or shape.

Why Choose Our Lace Wigs Wholesale?

Our lace wigs have everything you can desire in your lace wigs. Say:


  • With our lace wigs, you can change your hair color and style.
  • Our lace wigs are made from the finest quality materials and the best craftsmanship.
  • These products are designed to last.
  • They are versatile, comfortable and long-lasting.

Our Lace Wig Features


Made from high-end hair materials.


There is no peeling and tangling, very durable.


He looks the same as real hair, very natural.


Have a large variety of inventory, also support customization.

The Best Lace Wigs that Showcase Our Experience in the Hair Industry

Our team at URbeauty has been making lace wigs since 2002, and in that time, we have mastered the art of making excellent hair products. We know that it’s not just about how realistic they are—it’s also about how comfortable they are to wear and how easy they are to maintain.


An Array of Lace Wigs for You to Buy Wholesale

We offer a full range of lace wig styles to buy at wholesale, including Super Realistic Lace Wigs, Changeable Lace Wigs, Tangle-Free Lace Wigs (that don’t require any special maintenance),  Body Wave Lace Wigs, Long Curly Lace Wigs, and Short Burgundy Lace Wigs. In short: Wigs for every type of hair enthusiast. So, whatever your favorite wig style is — you’ll find it all at URbeauty.

Quality is Our Top Priority

At URbeauty, our commitment to quality is never compromised. We want to ensure that your purchase is everything you hoped it would be—and more. If you’re looking for a super fantastic lace wig that is perfect for your particular style, URbeauty has the best selection of lace wigs in the industry.


Get Your Lace Wigs in Funky Colors


Our lace wigs are available in various colors (such as dark brown or red), and each style also comes with unique color options. Want to go bold? Check out one of our lace wigs in hot pink or baby blue. You could even try one of our super realistic blonde wigs if you want something extraordinary!

We are True to Our Commitment to Help Women Feel Beautiful with Their Hair

We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Our products are made with care to ensure they last a lifetime so that you can make any style look amazing. And we are fulfilling our commitment through the beautiful hair products that we have to offer — like the lace wigs.

We Use Real Human Hair

We are very cautious about your scalp’s health. Hence, we don’t offer any hairpiece that is made of synthetic plastic with harmful chemicals coated over it. What you get from us is a pure human-hair-made lace wig.

Other Wholesale Products

Wholesale Bob Wigs

URbeauty has more than 20 years of experience producing Bob WIGS. The materials and workmanship used are of the highest quality.

braiding hair1
Wholesale Braiding Wigs

We in the Braiding Wigs, set design, research, manufacture, sale in a body. You can totally trust us.

Wholesale Lace Frontal Wigs

As one of the leading wholesalers of Lace Frontal Wigs in China, we are very excited to expand our business with you. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

URbeauty — One of the Best Wholesale Lace Wigs Vendors

URbeauty offers a wide variety of fine lace wigs. Including real hair, synthetic hair, full lace, front lace and so on. If you think it, we can do it.

Lace Wigs Details

  • “Such amazing quality of lace wigs, coupled with such a low price, and the service attitude is fantastic, we must continue to work together next time.”

  • “Quality is very good, luster texture is good, hope long-term cooperation.”

  • “I bought many new models from URbeauty for a fraction of the price, and several of them sold well enough to get my business off the ground. Thank you very much.”


How Are Lace Wigs at URbeauty Different?

URbeauty is the leading manufacturer of lace wigs in the world. We offer a wide range of styles, colors and textures to fit your needs. Here’s why they are different:

Natural Human Hair

Our lace wigs are designed with natural hair and made into the final product using the highest quality technology that ensures a long lifespan.

Largest Lace Wig Collection

We have a large selection of hair pieces and accessories available on our website to find exactly what you’re looking for! From realistic lace wigs to natural lace wigs and everything in between, we have the perfect wig for you!

If you’re looking for authentic human hair lace wigs, look no further than us at URbeauty!


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