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The Top Wholesale Machine Made Wigs Vendor — URbeauty!

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve got some high-end clients who are all about the look—and how their hair looks.

If you’re looking for wholesale machine-made wigs, we’re your go-to vendor!

We offer faster shipping worldwide. You can even receive your machine-made wigs faster by buying with URbeauty.

Why Choose to Buy Machine-Made Wigs with Us?

We know that the market is soaring with so many hair product providers. But, URbeauty is the choice you’ll never regret – especially when buying machine-made wigs. Below are the reasons:

  • Superior quality
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfortable (with no itching)
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting

Wholesale Other Types Of Machine Made Wigs

Product Feature Box

Cost Performance

High-quality wigs can be purchased at very low prices.

Customer Service

Treat you with professional knowledge and a good attitude.

Logistics Transportation

In a short time to deliver our goods to you safely.

Secure Payment

Multiple payment channels to ensure your payment security.

We Customize Our Products According to the Buyer's Choice

Our machine-made wigs can be customized to fit your client’s needs, and they’re made to stay firm on their heads. They’ll never fall out or tangle while wearing them (or even when they take them off).


A Broad Range of Machine-Made Wigs

We’re the only B2B wholesale vendor in the industry that offers a wide range of machine-made wigs for wig wearers. We provide different designs and styles, ranging from short to long, curly to straight. Also, we offer adjustable sizes, so you can choose the wig that’s perfect for you!

Machine-Made Wigs for Your Every Client Regardless of What Style They Prefer

Our wholesale machine-made wigs are available in a wide range of colors and styles so that every client can find something that feels right for them. With years of experience in manufacturing, we guarantee that you will receive your machine-made wigs fast and with complete satisfaction.


Affordable Prices But Full Satisfaction — That’s Our Goal!


URbeauty has been a leading wholesaler and supplier of machine-made wigs worldwide since 2002. Our company provides every customer with the highest quality hair pieces at affordable prices.

If you want to buy wholesale machine-made wigs at low prices, look no further than URbeauty.

Help Your Clients Create the Look that Will Wow Them.

With our wholesale machine-made wigs, you can assist your clients n creating the perfect look and make the wig buying decisions easy for your clients—and keep your costs down simultaneously. You’ll save even more money with our fast shipping options and low prices!

Easy-to-Care-for Wigs

Our wigs are made to stay firm on your head. They’re also durable and lightweight. Our machine-made wigs are easy to care for and will last for years with proper care. What else do you want in your machine-made hairpiece?

Other Wholesale Products

Wholesale Headband Wig1
Wholesale Headband Wigs

We had the latest, hottest, and most full wigs in headband hair. And we made sure that our concessions were as good as the quality of our headband wigs. I won’t let you down.

braiding hair1
Wholesale Braiding Wigs

URbeauty is one of the best wholesalers of braided hair. The braiding hair sell like hot cakes at this time, if you’re looking for braiding hair wholesalers, we can be your best choice.

Wholesale Mannequin Head
Wholesale Mannequin Head

As one of the best Mannequin Head wholesalers in China, we provide the best quality Mannequin Head to stylists, salons, and distributors all over the world. And it’s widely recognized.

The Top Wholesale Machine Made Wigs Vendor

Machine Made Wigs were much cheaper to manufacture than manual wigs, and because they were mass-produced, Machine Made Wigs were more common in the market. At the same time, Machine Made Wigs also had the advantages of being more fashionable, easily sculpted, and simply worn.

The production process

  • “URbeauty has such a wide assortment that I can find almost all the wigs I need. And it’s worth mentioning that the quality is really good.”

  • “You can find almost any length, texture, and color in URbeauty, and even if they don’t, they support customization.”

  • “The quality and price of URbeauty hair, both human and synthetic, are excellent and I look forward to working with them next time.”


Our Machine-Made Wigs Are Different.

URbeauty is one of the best vendors that provide hair products globally. But, there are so many other suppliers too. We claim our products – including the Machine made wigs — to be different than the others you’ll find in the market.

Why is that? Here are some reasons:

Finest Quality

Because they are made with the finest quality human hair and are adjustable, our machine-made wigs are made to stay firm on your head, and we have many different styles in our collection.

Different Styles for Every Wig Wearer

We have lace front wigs, synthetic hair wigs, and human hair wigs. We also have adjustable sizes for all of our machine-made wigs so that you can be sure to find a wig that fits you perfectly!

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