Best Wholesale Mannequin Head Manufacturers and Suppliers

Best Wholesale Mannequin Heads Manufacturers and Suppliers

Look for the best wholesale mannequin heads manufacturers and suppliers in China.Then will be your best choice.

Here, you can buy mannequin head at the best price, whatever size you need, can be found here. As the leading wholesale wig vendors,supplier and distributor in China, our strong productivity and reliable product quality are the best guarantee for your wig business. We are the ideal partner for your high quality wig business.

In the mixed wig market, is your most trusted wig supplier.

Mannequin Head

Who Choose Our Wholesale Mannequin Heads?

Mannequin head also called practice head or training head.We are the leading professional mannequin head manufacturer in China. Our products include: 100% Human Hair Mannequin, 100% Human Hair Mannequin for Color Deposit, European Hair Mannequin, Practice Doll, Textured Hair Mannequin,Training Mannequin Head,Training Head with Synthetic Fiber.We support customized production of products, so our mannequin head is sold all over the world. Our products are mainly used by:

  • Education Industry
  • Stylists
  • Salons
  • Hair Professionals

Wholesale Mannequin Heads

We are one-stop wig products supplier. Wholesale mannequin heads with hair are categorized by hair lengths, colors,types and races, so you can find the perfect mannequin for your needs based on all the different attributes.

We offer the largest selection of human hair mannequin in the beauty industry. Ideal for cosmetology school and salon education. It can be used by hairdressers, stylists, barbershops and beauty school students.

As the largest supplier of mannequin heads for wigs at wholesale in China, many cosmetology students and stylists around the world use our professional model heads to train and practice their hair techniques. is the leading provider of cosmetology mannequins that specialize in heads with hair for beauty school students or hair stylists to learn, practice or perfect a variety of hairstyling techniques.

Our wholesale mannequin heads offers OEM, design, labelling and more,provided including Asia Face,European Face, African Face,all kinds of face for your choice.If you’re interested,contact us now.

Amazing high quality modern plastic mannequin head,washable and reusable. Specializing in the production of top quality mannequins and hair bundles. Any item you are interested in, please feel free to contact us.

Wholesale Mannequin Heads With Hair

We are a professional wholesale hair products factory, all products have guaranteed quality, the practice head is suitable for hair salon, barber shop, hair stylist, beautician, cosmetology school students.

If you are a beginner in beauty school or an experienced stylist, our mannequin heads can help you try out new looks, and it all looks so easy that you don’t need a real person to be your test subject.

Our hair practice head product allows you to learn how to cut, color and style your hair. The right length allows you to practice cutting and coloring techniques, perfect for long hair styling and color techniques.

Our wholesale mannequin heads with hair are ordered by cosmetology schools in many countries because they are easy to style, tangle-free, and full hair, all due to our commitment to high quality products.

Is this the hairdressing practice head wholesale you are looking for? We produce a large number of high quality Practice heads in China, which are used for many purposes.Contact us for the latest quotation.

Top Quality Wholesale Mannequin Heads Manufacturers

A professional wholesale hair vendors in China, specializing in the production of high-quality mannequins head, including with hair, without hair, different hair styles, different faces, different materials and other mannequins, they are used for practice and training, users include cosmetology school students, hair stylists, barbershops and all kinds of people with practice needs.

Best Wholesale Mannequin Heads and Practice Head Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Best Mannequin Head and Practice Head Manufacturers

One-stop Product Customization


Real Factory Price

No Middleman Price


High Quality

Strict Quality Control


Fast Delivery

Strong Productivity


Good Service

Professional Customer Service 24 Hours


After-sales Service

Return and Exchange without Worry

Best Human Hair Factory in China

We have set up factories in Shandong and Jiangxi provinces of China, covering a total area of more than 100,000 square meters, with more than 500 workers, and we have more than 100 professional and technical personnel.

The company has 10 production lines, can produce a full range of wig products. The annual output value is more than 50 million yuan. Our products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and more than 100,000 people use our products.

If you are looking for a wholesale hair supplier, please contact us.

The Voice of Our Customers

We're a photo agency in New Jersey, and we had to cancel several live modeling shoots under a stay-at-home order. I tried to use new lighting products, but still failed to achieve the results. Many photography teachers suggested using human models to test different lighting situations, so I found URbeauty, but the results were not what I expected. The model is very realistic, which helps me study how shadows fall on the nose and lips, and how the hair is illuminated. I gave it 5 stars because it was perfect for the reason I bought it.
We are a video making professional agency and use mannequin heads to make relevant ASMR videos, these models do a good job, I am pretty rough in the way I wash and handle them, hardly any hair falls out, the hair is never treated, the cuticles are aligned so it is easy to untie.
Beyond our expectations, the staff were more than happy to help them get there on time and speed up the delivery of high-quality mannequins.
Stephen C.
The mannequin head is a Christmas present for our daughter. She hasn't seen it yet, but we're sure she'll be overjoyed that she'll be using it to practice her hairstyling skills.
Dale S.
URbeauty offers the highest quality models and service and I am so happy with the product that I would definitely buy it back.
Tina L.

High-Quality Wholesale Mannequin Heads With Hair

Professional model head wholesale, suitable for

  • Practice
  • Training
  • Decoration
Can I braid on this head?

Yes, you can weave anything.

Does this have a stand?


Can I heat it?

Yes, you can.

Can I iron this hair?

Yes, you can iron the hair.

Is the head the average human size? I want to model hats.


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