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URbeauty Hair factory is located in Jiangxi Province has a history of 20 years.URbeauty hair factory covers an area of more than 60 acres, a construction area of more than 20,000㎡, and a total investment of fixed assets of 120 million RMB. The enterprise has more than 300 employees, The annual average production of wigs is 600,000 pieces, 500,000 sets of the human head model, and 3.6 million pieces of woven hair.


Strong Productivity

Different product lines, production staff more than 200 people, to meet your personalized needs, on time to complete the order.

With an average annual output of 3.6 million hair weaving, 600,000 pieces of hairpieces and 500,000 sets mannequin heads.

Customized front lace wig,full lace wig,toupee,hairpieces,frontals closures,hair bundles,weft,hair extensions,practisehead,mannequinehead and etc.

Wholesale Hair Supplier
Multiple Hair Products

Multiple Hair Products

We have the production capacity of a full range of various types of human hair wigs, no matter what you need, we can accept orders.Hair bundles,Lace Closure Hair Frontal,Wigs,Wave Hair Closure,etc.



URbeauty Human Hair Factory has passed international and China several quality certifications and the quality of the whole series of products is beyond the international standard. We have China’s national hair product quality certification、 ISO 9001、European Union CE、USA EPA 、SGS、GSI and Soncap certification. In addition, we continue to apply for other industry certification standards.

URbeauty is a leading wholesale manufacturer of professional hair products in China. Rest assured that URbeauty can provide quality products and services at a lower cost.

Quality control

Every Inch Is Important

URbeauty Human Hair Factory are an expert engineering team specializing in processing technology.We have testing equipment and tools to ensure that all your requirements are met. Our team ensures quality checks from material selection, production, final product and pre-shipment.

URbeauty has passed the ISO9001 certification of strict quality control management. We will continue our efforts to improve to meet your diverse needs. Our goal is to provide world-class services and products.



Fast Delivery

Our strong productivity can ensure that your order in time to complete the production, with the cooperation of reliable logistics partners, we will soon be shipped to your hands.

Fast delivery
Customer Orientation

Customer Orientation

In 20 years of operation, our company has always gone to great lengths to bring absolute customer satisfaction. We have built a brand for ourselves and established a solid position in the international market with key partners from Germany, Israel, Ukraine, the UK, Italy, Argentina, France, Brazil and many other countries.Last but not least, the price of our product is very suitable and competitive with other companies.


Wholesale Factory Price

Many of our customers ask us, why do we offer the same product at a lower price than other manufacturers? Because we have our own factory, including the right source of hair raw materials, we can achieve the lowest price. And now that most of them have bought our hair, they have every reason to believe that their decision was absolutely right.

Wholesale factory price
Sample Order Available

Sample Order Available

To ensure that you can test hair before ordering in bulk, we provide sample orders. You can choose any hair texture with a length of 8-20 inches. The sample order is for 1 strand of hair only. Please note that the sample order price is very low, so we can only provide one sample order.


Dropshipping Service

No more upfront inventory costs or shipping logistics. Through direct selling, products are sent directly from wholesalers to your customers. You will get sales guidance and can profit from it without taking risks. We insist on win-win sharing with our customers.

Dropshipping Service
Packaging customization service

Packaging Customization Service

Having a great product is no guarantee of sales. The way you package your product has a lot to do with its success. The most important part of product packaging design is brand recognition. Your packaging design is the first interaction your customers will have with your business. It communicates not only brand image, but also quality and reputation. We can customize packaging and labels for you according to your requirements.


Price Protection Service

If, during the same period, you find the price of the same product in the market is much lower than your wholesale price, you can give us feedback. After verification, we will compensate double the difference. We insist on helping our customers save more money, so that every money of our customers is used in the most appropriate place.

Price Protection Service
Customer Feedback Service

Customer Feedback Service

We always insist on listening to the voice of our customers, for any questions about our products and services, please let us know. We will do our best to correct it. To the customers who make sincere suggestions, we will send our latest products to thank them.



URbeauty’s mission is to provide high quality products for the global market. For us, every woman is unique and every difference adds beauty to the world. With the desire to glorify the beauty of the world, we will do everything possible to ensure that our best products are delivered as soon as possible. We believe that customers deserve the best products and services.


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