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Best Wholesale Hair Extension Manufacturers Offering Ponytail Extensions

We are a leading provider of ponytail extensions for hair that is short or long.

We offer ponytail extensions, including short, medium, long and curly.

Our quality is top-notch, and our customer service is unparalleled.

With us, you’re guaranteed to receive ponytail extensions of the highest quality.

Why Is Buying the Bulk Ponytail Extensions from URbeauty a Smart Decision?

So if you’re searching for a trustworthy source for high-quality ponytail extensions with a guarantee that they’ll last with you for as long as you want them to—URbeauty is your best bet! Wondering why? We have pretty solid reasons to convince you. Look at them below:

  • 100% raw human hair
  • No processing
  • Amazing texture
  • Affordable prices

Wholesale Ponytail Extensions Products

URbeauty’s human hair ponytail extensions are made from the finest quality, smoothest human hair.

Synthetic Hair Ponytail Extensions, made from keratin-rich fibers, are heat-resistant so you can heat and shape them.

With wholesale ponytail extensions from URbeauty, you only have to pay far less than what you would normally pay in the market.

Our ponytail extensions come in a variety of color schemes and offer you a choice of four lengths.

URbeauty is a wholesaler of ponytail hair extensions. We are a direct-to-consumer company so that you can get more profit.

We produce a large number of ponytail extensions every year, so we have rich experience to make better products.

What We Offer


Best quality ponytail extension as well as satisfactory wholesale prices.


With elegant and beautiful appearance, and sustainable materials.


URbeauty is one of the best wig factories in China and occupies a large area.


Our raw materials come from hair dealers, which are trustworthy in quality.

Bulk Ponytail Extension Vendor Supplying the Hairy Goodness Worldwide

URbeauty is the best bulk ponytail extension supplier in the world. We offer a wide range of ponytail extensions, including straight, wavy, curly, and even kinky hair. We also provide quality assurance on every single order we take. Also, we provide our products to businesses in every corner of the world.


Ponytail Extensions — the Best Way to Add Volume to Hair

When hair enthusiasts want to add length and volume to their hair, ponytail extensions are the easiest way. These extensions can be used for various styles and occasions, from formal events like weddings to casual ones like going out with friends on the weekend.

Wide Range of Ponytail Extension to Buy Your Stock

Our range of ponytail extensions includes everything from tapered extensions to long extensions that can be cut and styled in any way you like. Our collection includes all the types of ponytail extensions you could need, from thick, voluminous curls to short and thin pieces that add instant lift and movement to the style.


Custom Ponytail Extension Sizes


You can purchase ponytail extensions from URbeauty in different sizes. Let’s say: 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”. Need a different length size? No problem. Just let us know your preferred length, and we’ll custom-make ponytail extensions for your business.

The Advantage Of URbeauty

Best Products at the Best Price:

We know you want to provide your buyers with the best hair products. That’s why we’re here to help. Whether your buyer is looking for a new look or just wants to add a touch of volume and texture to your hair, we’ve got the products you need to stock in your hair shop at the best prices.

hair factory-2
Reflecting 20 Years of Experience:

As a leading bulk hair products manufacturing brand, we differ from many others you’ll find online. The reason? We have an experience of 20 years. The two decades of continuously improving while providing no less than excellent hair products to businesses like yours have made us every hair business’s top choice.

Wholesale Of Different Hair Extensions In Ponytails

Wholesale Hair Buns

URbeauty offers Hair Buns in a different styles. Low buns, hair buns styles for weddings, messy buns, short buns, curly buns, etc., for your choice.

Clip In Ponytail Extensions

Our clip-on ponytail extensions use a clip and Velcro seal design that is slightly different from our hair clips, creating a secure wraparound ponytail that stays in place.

ponytail Wig With Claw Clip

Ponytail wig claw clip because of the clip, when using only alignment can be very convenient.

Best Wholesale Hair Extensions Manufacturers

URbeauty focuses on the research and production of high-quality hair extension products. In this process, it has won recognition from all over the world with its mature technology and excellent products.

URbeauty Experience

  • “The goods I wholesale are the same as what they described and the pictures. I will not hesitate to start more business cooperation with them next time.”

  • “The service team of URbeauty has a very good attitude and patiently answered all my questions. If you have any questions, they will not let you down.”

  • “The products are of good quality and the suppliers are friendly. I love them.”


Ponytail hair extensions wholesale

URbeauty is your ideal partner when it comes to wholesale ponytail extensions.
● High quality: URbeauty has a strict quality control process to ensure that all ponytails are up to standard.
● Wholesale discounts: Get high quality human hair ponytails at huge discounts. We offer wholesale discounts of up to 50%!
● Beautiful hair color: All of our ponytail extensions are color free. In fact, each set of ponytail extensions is exactly the same color as the picture.
● Experience:URbeauty has more than 20 years of experience in the hair extension industry. You can trust us on that.
URbeauty wants its customers to support it.

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