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Wholesale Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair

URbeauty is a provider of wholesale pre-stretched braiding hair all over the globe. The pre-stretched braiding hair products we offer for bulk purchase are: Mali-twist pre-stretched braiding hair, Afro twist pre-stretched braiding hair, Afro Marley twist braiding hair, split pre-stretched braiding hair, and more. All are available in different textures and sizes.

They will help you style your hair by creating cornrows, knotless box braids, twists, and ghana braids, to name a few.

Why Choose Our Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair Wholesale?

Are you looking for top-notch wholesale pre-stretched braiding hair vendors all over the internet for your new business? Your search is over. URbeauty is your place to be. Here’s why you should buy your pre-stretched braiding hair from us.

They are:

  • Super-soft
  • Low-tangle
  • Itch-free
  • Competitive in price

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Professional Wholesale Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair Vendors

Who else can provide you with the best wholesale pre-stretched braiding hair products other than a professional wholesaler of hair products other than URbeauty? We have two decades of experience in the industry and know how we can help our partner businesses in the best possible way.


Wear Straight Out of the Pack

No need to prep your hair or scalp to wear your favorite hairstyle with the help of these pre-stretched braiding hair. Take your braids out of the pack, style your hair in the braids you’d like to flex, and you’re good to go!

No Itching Part will Become Your Buyers’ Favorite

For those with a sensitive scalp, pre-stretched braiding hair that doesn’t itch is bliss. People with sensitive scalp hate when their confidence is shattered just because they feel super-itchy in their new pre-stretched braid.

Bonus: The wearer doesn’t have to wash their hair before wearing your braid.


Hair Texture and Quality Won’t Disappoint You!


We understand that quality is the biggest concern when attaching something like braiding hair to your scalp. Our pre-stretched braiding hair will check all the boxes regarding quality.

Softness — Good

Weight — Good

Texture — Good

What else do you need in your bulk pre-stretched braiding hair?


Industry Leaders

Having been producing wholesale pre-stretched braiding hair professionally for more than two decades, we are a leader in the field. Providing the best quality and the most favorable price helps us assist our clients in gaining more loyal customers and profits.

Virgin Hair

We don’t use animal hair or random plasticky fiber in our pre-stretched braiding hair. Instead, we collect 100% virgin hair and shape them into the perfect hairpiece that will help you style your hair the way you want.

Other Wholesale Products

Wholesale Human Hair Wigs

We have four fully equipped human hair production lines, a three-line, high needle machine, and other equipment. 8,000 human hair products per day.

Wholesale Cosplay Wigs

Providing samples, we will produce Wigs series for you.

Wholesale Mannequin Head
Wholesale Mannequin Head

There are many reasons to choose URbeauty’s model head wholesale. Such as low price, rich experience, good quality and so on.

Wholesale Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair

Our products are recognized by many customers because of their good quality and low price, and we have rich design choices and a perfect service system.

Texture Detail Display

  • “The quality is very good, belongs to the high end of the middle range. Worth working with.”

  • “The logistics are quite fast, the packaging is good, there is no deformation which I did not expect before the evaluation said that there will be a slight deformation, or relatively worried, it seems that the seller is improving the packaging, which is worthy of praise.”

  • “Bought several times, the quality is as good as ever, the customer is very satisfied.”


Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair Providers Wholesale

URbeauty has specialized in providing top-quality hair products for 20 years. And, with the top quality, super-fast delivery, and ability to provide our bulk pre-stretched braiding hair products worldwide, we are proud.

The Instant Wearability

The pre-stretched braiding hair makes it easy to wear your favorite hairstyle without preparing your hair or scalp. Receive your pack and wear your braid. Simple as that.

Forget about Itching

Hair extensions that are pre-stretched often feel super-itchy. Wearing them becomes a nightmare for people with sensitive scalps. But that’s not the case with pre-stretched braiding hair you buy from URbeauty. They are super comfortable.

Know Why Are Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair Different?

Here are the two solid reasons:

  • We have a proven record of offering superior hair products
  • Our hair products contain 100% virgin hair
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