Wholesale Synthetic Braiding Hair Manufacturers In China

The Best Wholesale Synthetic Braiding Hair Manufacturers

Braiding your hair is more than just a style. But, when you are up for doing a business out of braiding hair, you need a reliable partner to make it happen. That’s where URbeauty, one of the best wholesale braiding hair suppliers, comes into the picture. The synthetic braiding hair we manufacture here have high-quality texture and customizability.

Why Go for Our Wholesale Braiding Hair?

Our wholesale braiding hair has the perfect features that you will always desire in your synthetic braiding hair product. Let us tell you a few of them:


  • No chemical process
  • The hair are full cuticle aligned
  • Well crafted to promote no shedding
  • Scalp-friendly
  • Soft and clean weft

Why Choose Us


We will provide the best service


We have many innovative models


Every detail of our products is exquisite


We are a good faith of Synthetic braiding hair wholesalers

Stunning Collection of Synthetic Braiding Hair

We have a wide variety of synthetic braid hair to sell wholesale. All the hair pieces can completely transform your hair look. All styles come in different textures, colors, and lengths. So, you get complete control of how you want to style your hair with the help of the synthetic braid.


Don’t Settle for Your Typical Hair Style Anymore

With our synthetic braiding hair, you don’t have to limit yourself to the typical braid looks you have been creating for ages. It’s time to be creative. You can go for any braided style you’d love to flaunt. Be it a boxer braid, a crochet braid, or want to create a more extended, bolder, yet brighter look. Go for it.

Find Your Favorite Hue and Synthetic Braiding Hair

At URbeauty, we have an expansive selection of rich-colored braid hair that you can customize as per your unique styles. You also get different texture options to choose from. Either go for a straight or wavy braid. Or maybe, curly braids are your absolute favorite!


20 Years of Experience in the Human Hair Industry


URbeauty is proud to let the partnering businesses know that we are not a hair product supplier who started their company yesterday and is selling their products from now. Instead, we have a good 20 years of experience in the industry. Hence, we know the industry demand and needs and have enabled our company to provide the best.


Fast Shipping

We understand that faster shipping is important for businesses in the hair industry. You always have to keep your stock up-to-date. But, if you have to wait for ages to receive your products, you’ll definitely compromise your business. We solve this trouble with our faster shipping services.

Quality First

You get the exact product you paid for when you purchase your whole braiding hair with URbeauty. We never deceive our partnering business by showing them a faulty product or delivering them below expectations.

Other Wholesale Products

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URbeauty was about Kinky Straight U Part Wigs, using real hair materials, craftsmanship, fashion and good health,

B”613 Blonde Straight Lace Frontal Wig
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B “613 Blonde Straight Lace Wig was soft, silky, realistic, and had a variety of colors (B613, black, gradient, etc.) that met the different needs of your situation.

Wholesale Bob Wigs
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The Best Wholesale Synthetic Braiding Hair Manufacturers

Our products are recognized by many customers because of good quality and low price, and we have rich design choices and perfect service system.

Production Process Demonstration

  • “URbeauty is the best service team I’ve ever met.”

    Mary Jane
  • “I recommend to all of the Synthetic braiding hair, their product was impeccable.”

    Palmer card
  • “My customers love their wigs and I get a lot of revenue from them.”

    Mr Ellison

What Characteristics Make the Wholesale Synthetic Braiding Hair of URbeauty different?

At URbeauty, we believe that you deserve to look and feel your best, and URbeauty is here to bring out your best self by offering you different options to style your hair. Here’s why you should start shopping for your new synthetic braiding hairpiece from URbeauty right away:

 Light, Soft, and Gentle on Skin

Our synthetic braiding hair are lightweight and soft to the touch. Also, they don’t get entangled while braiding. So you can create the style you want in less time and wear your braids for longer.

They Serve the Both Purposes of Offering Beauty and Quality

 We offer top quality in every hair product that we supply. Besides, our products are near-perfect to meet the quality and beauty standards everyone wants in hair products.

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