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Wholesale Synthetic Wigs Vendors in China

We are committed to providing you with the best quality products and services. URbeauty is one of the leading synthetic wigs suppliers in China, offering competitive prices and excellent services.

  •  Access to High-Quality Synthetic Wigs:
    The quality of synthetic wigs available in China is higher than what you can find elsewhere, making it an ideal place to find wholesale synthetic wigs.
  • Lower Prices:
    We are a large manufacturer and exporter of synthetic wigs from China, so the prices are usually much lower than what you will find elsewhere.
  • Convenience:
    Shopping online for wholesale synthetic wigs in China is extremely convenient since you don’t have to leave your home or office to make a purchase.
  • Wide Selection

High Quality Wholesale Synthetic Wigs

Looking for a reliable wholesale synthetic wigs vendors? Cooperate with URbeauty and enjoy our one-stop service.

  • Project custom

Custom packaging solutions and labels help you build your brand.

  • High-cost performance products

Hair products are available at competitive prices.

  • A steady supply

Both large and small orders can meet your business development.

For new entrants

Considering starting a new hairdressing business and breaking out of the confines of your beauty business or e-commerce business? URbeauty will support your hairdressing business strategy.

  • Professional consultation

Experienced experts share our in-depth market analysis with you to boost your new hair business.

  • Full-size product

Having all types of hair extensions and wigs can help you find the most popular and profitable hair products on the market.

  • Low minimum quantity

Make it easier for new entrants to obtain high-quality hair products.

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Wholesale Synthetic Wigs Products

Finding a good quality wig at a good price will help your wig business. We are the largest wholesale synthetic wigs vendors and suppliers in China.

Strict selection of raw materials, refuse any chemical treatment of raw materials, to ensure that the quality of our wigs is higher than other manufacturers.

China’s reliable wholesale synthetic wigs vendors, strict control of wig production quality, the most preferential factory price and the best service.

Grow your wig business and find the best wholesale synthetic wigs vendors in China, our factory offers a variety of different wig products to help you get high profits.

Support wig customization, arrange order production according to your wig business, and the factory is close to multiple ports for fast transportation.

The factory has a professional customer service team that will reply to your request within 24 hours to ensure our cooperation goes smoothly.

Professional Wholesale Synthetic Wigs Vendors

  • Your Expert Manufacturer
    Your Wholesale Wigs Expert Vendor

    Looking for reliable wholesale synthetic wig vendors, our experts will give you the most professional advice and guide you to carry out wig business.

  • Professional Services
    Professional Customer Services

    We always adhere to the service throughout the whole stage of cooperation, and can always ask our customer service for advice or help 24 hours a day.

  • Innovation for Better Products
    Insist to Innovation for Better Products

    Focusing on quality has always been the focus of our wholesale synthetic wig business, which makes us the best synthetic wig supplier in China.

Largest Wholesale Synthetic Wigs Vendors

Are you looking for the best wholesale synthetic wig supplier in China?

URbeauty has a number of factories in China, located in Shandong, Henan, Guangdong and other places, with more than 300 production workers and 100 professional and technical personnel, which can meet any order production needs, with real factory prices and the best quality. Then, what if you are also into other wigs? You should consult one of our hottest items in the human hair collection here: Wholesale Human Hair

To be NO 1 Hair Factory in China
Professional Consultation

Professional Wholesale Synthetic Wigs Consultation

We regularly analyze the wig and hair extensions market and share our insights.

If you are planning to enter the wig industry, we will provide professional advice to help you quickly understand the market, grasp the latest market trends, avoid unnecessary costs, and provide our best wholesale products and services to you.

Quick Quotation

We are ready to respond quickly to your needs and launch your project quickly.

Our professional team will contact with you, confirm your order requirements, help confirm product details, sign the contract with the most competitive price and start production.

It should be mentioned that the bigger deal you make, the higher the discount you receive. Consult another amazing hairstyle together with its price here: Wholesale Bob Wigs

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Customized Services

Wholesale Synthetic Wigs Customized Services

We offer stock samples and color rings to effectively customize your branded hair products.

The style and color of all products are completely up to you. We will fully cooperate with you to make product customization, and ensure that the quality of products meets your requirements.

Highly Praised Products

We are a supplier to many of the world’s leading wig brands, and thousands of customers use our wigs.

With many years of wig production experience, so that our products standby global consumers love, we refuse to use inferior hair raw materials, committed to the production of high-quality wig products.

Highly Praised Products
Best Customer Service

Best Customer Service

24-hour customer service, ready to answer your questions and help improve your wig business.


Consultation & Quote
Consultation & Quote

We negotiate with you, collect detailed information, and give you a reasonable price and solution within 2 days. Our experts will conduct discussion sessions, internally and with the client, to clarify everything and determine the exact requirements.


R&d will support you to create your own branded products. At this stage, we review preliminary plans to ensure that the options we offer will meet your goals, including color, length, density, tip type, brand label, and packaging.

We also provide other wholesale hair products

Hair Extensions
Wholesale Hair Extensions

High-quality hair weft extension, more than 20 years of production experience. Contact now!


hair bundles
Wholesale Hair Bundles

China’s largest hair supplier, wig and hair manufacturer, manufacturers direct cuticle alignment raw materials hair weave, closure, lace frontal, and wigs in factory outlets.


Lace Front Wig
Wholesale Lace Front Wig

URbeauty has the best selection of lace front wigs online, such as Remi Lace, 100% human lace front wigs, and simulated lace front wigs available in short or long styles.



  • “Working with URbeauty, it’s great. Everything is perfectly arranged. Don’t worry about it at all.”

  • “The quality of URbeauty’s products is always guaranteed, and their team is very strong. They helped me greatly at the beginning of my wig business, which I am very grateful for.”

  • “I have been cooperating with URbeauty for 5 years, and our cooperation has expanded from a single product to all categories, and the quality of their products has always been excellent, without any difference due to different orders. This has helped my business and helped me to have many stable customers.”


Best Wholesale Synthetic Wigs Vendors

URbeauty conduct reliable quality inspection throughout the production process to ensure that the products are of high quality and consistent quality and meet the requirements. Before packing, we will carry out 100% test and provide quality report for your review.


Our store has a wide range of wigs and toppers made of synthetic hair. In the clip in cheek category you will find a wide selection of the highest quality products. Ladies toupees made of synthetic hair They are available in lengths from 11 to 56 cm.

The synthetic hair used to make our toupees is of the highest quality, that is, without artificial shine. Properly selected boldness perfectly matches the natural hair and gives the effect of a lush hairstyle.

We are constantly expanding our offer so that every woman can find the right color for herself. In our offer you will find numerous proposals, including the most frequently chosen colors: Blonde, Brown, Red and Black.

Women’s toupees made of artificial hair are an excellent alternative to the most expensive products, which are natural wigs. If you want to make your hair thicker or hide minor thinning, especially on the top of your head, you can successfully abandon the traditional wig in favor of boldness.

Each of our boldness is made by an experienced wigmaker, thanks to which it is possible to ensure proper hair styling.


Proper care of your wig and nerves is a basic step to get beautiful hair. However, you must remember that their care differs depending on the type of hair used in their manufacture. If you are wondering how to take care of your cheek so that it keeps its perfect shape and structure longer, contact our consultants. They will surely give you the necessary information on proper care so that your hair is always beautiful.

If you do not know which shade to choose so that your cheek matches your hair, you can order several variants, which you can then try on at home at your leisure. If the selected toppers are not suitable, you can easily return them within 14 days of purchase, leaving only the one that suits you.



The main advantage of toupees in our offer is their quality. We are the only official distributor of wigs and toupees Belle Tress. Everyone for whom hair is a passion knows that the products of this brand are undoubtedly a hit. Hair in toppers from Belle Tress do złdie devices resemble the naturalBut due to the use of synthetic strands, they are much cheaper.


Another factor we pay special attention to is the diversity of our products, whether you are interested in cheek or wig. We want to give you maximum freedom of choice, so we offer different lengths and colors. In our store, you can freely choose from a variety of shades, including the blonde sass so coveted by women.


Synthetic toupees are an excellent offer for all those people for whom a traditional wig is superfluous. You will notice a special price difference in toppers. Even the ones from Belle Tress they will be cheaper than a wig and at the same time do their job perfectly.

The total price of toppers depends on several factors such as the type and length of hair used, the type of attachment and the sewing style. However, due to the lesser use of hair, even those made of natural strands are cheaper than a wig. However, if the price of the chosen model is too high for you, then you can use our installment proposal.


Trust specialists with many years of experience and choose a store Rely on the highest quality products and gain in addition:

comprehensive customer service at the highest level

the possibility to return products within 14 days without giving any reason,

possibility of payment by installments,

Women’s cheek Belle Tress hair topper,

Possibility złCreate a personalized order,

implementation of wholesale orders,

fast shipping is carried out throughout the country,

wide range of women desired blonde toppers,

access to a professional guide where you can find the most important information about wig care and many other great tips.
Do not hesitate! Check out the wigs and toupees in our store now and regain your long lost self-confidence!

In addition to the above, do you take any other responsibilities seriously? Obligations to employees, customers, society, local communities, the environment, animal welfare, etc?

Some of our clients are listed companies. In order to ensure that the interests and reputation of all our customers are protected, we will comply with all the above obligations. Write these obligations into the contract if necessary.

Want to sell synthetic wigs wholesale at a better price?

Explore a variety of wholesale premium synthetic wigs at Urbeautywigs. There will always be one for you.
In addition to the hot items, you can get more discounts on synthetic wigs wholesale during the promotion.
Another important point is that we can make your online shopping experience even better by offering free shipping and rebates.

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