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URbeauty — Your Wholesale Xpression Braiding Hair Manufacturer

URbeauty is the leading manufacturer and supplier of wholesale Xpression braiding hair. Hence, we offer wholesale Xpression hair varying lengths to help the buyer create their dream braided hair look. The soft-textured Xpression braiding hair are available to purchase in bulk at a reasonable price but uncompromised quality.

Why Buy Xpression Hair Wholesale from URbeauty?

URbeauty has a collection of the best-in-class Xpression wholesale hair. Hence, you should always head towards URbeauty to buy your next set of Wholesale Xpression braiding hair (for good reasons). Let us tell you some. The Xpression braiding hair are:

  • Pre-stretched
  • Itching-free
  • Pretty Soft
  • Don’t shed overall

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Inspire the World with Your Hair Xpression

If you’re stuck in the hair rut of repeating some tedious hairdos every other day, it’s your time to get out of it! Our Xpression wholesale braided here are the way to go. Browse through the collection and choose the braids that you’d admire wearing the most.

Soft-Textured Xpression Hair Wholesale

Tired of those rubbery textured braiding hair that itches the scalp of your hair like crazy and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe? The bulk Xpression braiding hair you buy from URbeauty have a soft texture and doesn’t leave your scalp itchy.

Compatible with Hot Water

The sole fact that our Xpression wholesale hair are compatible with hot water is enough to help hair enthusiasts fall in love with our collection. No matter whether you want to set your newly made braids or want to freshen up your older ones by dipping them in hot water.


Take Your Braiding Creativity to the Next Level


With the ultimate Xpression wholesale braiding hair collection, you can enjoy and unleash your creativity to create your stunning looks. You can do anything with the proper hair set. You’re free to braid your hair the way you want.


Quality is Our Top Concern!

If there’s anything we are much concerned about in our Xpression braiding hair, that is our quality. We keep it unparalleled for every batch we supply to our buyers. From the sourcing part of the hair to making it into a final product, we keep it under strict supervision.

We Are Super Conscious About Growing Your Business Too.

Besides quality, much can contribute to creating the best relationship with our partner businesses. Like, cost-effectiveness and faster delivery. We don’t compromise on other factors too. Hence, we are always willing to provide the best services and take our part in growing your business.

Other Wholesale Products

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We have four fully equipped synthetic hair production lines, a three-line, high needle machine, and other equipment. 8,000 human hair products per day.

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URbeauty — Your Wholesale Xpression Braiding Hair Manufacturer

Our products are recognized by many customers because of their good quality and low price, and we have rich design choices and a perfect service system.

Factory Real Photo

  • “I was nervous about buying this because I didn’t know what the logistics speed was like, and I had a customer order that luckily arrived quickly and the item was correct. I would definitely buy it again.”

  • “The purchase process is very simple, agree and wait for the goods.”

  • “I love this hair, so does my client, and I highly recommend you to get this style.”


What Makes Our Wholesale Xpression Braiding Hair the Best?

URbeauty uses its 20 years of experience to craft the best Wholesale Xpression Braiding Hair with the best texture to present the perfect braid look every woman wants. Here are a few reasons why Xpression Braids from URbeauty stand out from the crowd:

They come in different styles.

We give you the room to show the different hair looks. Hence, we have a diverse variety of Xpression hair available at URbeauty. From Classic Braid to Original African Braid look, you can choose whatever style speaks to you.

(By the way, what would be your pick?)

Ultra and Extra Best  Braid Hair

Our super soft hair are made up of 100% organic human hair with the just-right density and length of the hair is better than many other brands you might find online. Even better? The braiding hair are suitable for every braid style you desire.

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